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Reveal a flawless complexion with customised treatments and next-generation dermal technology, grounded in Korean beauty principles.

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Achieving luminous, youthful skin is a complex equation. From Miyoungs’ flagship clinics in Rhodes and Sydney CBD, our team of practitioners layer state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures with prescriptive facial and body care regimes that deliver real results. 




Refresh, rejuvenate and renew your complexion.


Improve clarity and reveal your natural glow.


Soothe, smooth and restore balance.

Cosmetic Medical Treatments 

Practitioner-led procedures to lift, tighten and fight every flaw


your skin care

Collagen is essential to your skin’s structure. With age, your skin loses approximately 1% of its dermal collagen content every year. Precise, sequenced treatments can delay this process, replenish your skin’s ‘bounce’ and reverse the signs of ageing.


Radiofrequency therapy to refine and contour the skin on your face and body, with zero downtime.

Inmode Lifting

A 3-step face and neck revolution combining Forma, MiniFX and Morpheus 8 technologies to sculpt and define.


Precision ultrasound to firm, tone and jumpstart your body’s own collagen-building process. 

Thread Lifting

Tighten, uplift and stimulate new collagen production in your face and neck. Immediate results, minimal downtime.


your skin’s equilibrium

Your Miyoungs journey begins with in-depth aesthetic mapping of your skin’s unique characteristics. Our team of doctors and clinicians will formulate a personalised regime to correct problems, restore hydration levels and help you maintain youthful, healthy skin.

LDM Gold
Your fastest and most effective pigmentation and spot removal technology.

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The first step in achieving stunning skin is a personalised consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss your goals. Using Visia skin analysis, we’ll prescribe a sequence of treatments tailored to your specific concerns. Our aim is to offer you the highest level of expertise, care and aesthetic technology available.

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Our medical practitioners are hand-selected for their experience, knowledge and ability to achieve exceptional results.

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Our consultants are skilled in all facets of Korean skincare management and dedicated to helping you reveal your ultimate #MiyoungsGlow.

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