Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles 

You may start to notice some fine lines on your skin surface, those are superficial and are generally not seep set into the skin. However as we age, fine lines can also further develop into deeper lines which are wrinkles. We can help by understanding what your skin is lacking beneath the skin layers and target at what is the main cause to the appearance of your lines and wrinkle concern.

What causes this concern?

Fine lines appear when we constantly use the same muscle and the skin contracts with each other. Our facial expressions (smiling, frowning, squinting etc.) form these fine lines which are not deep set into the skin yet. However it can develop into deeper and more permanent lines that go underneath the skin surface which becomes Wrinkles. 


Dryness / Flakiness
Skin’s moisture level can impact the appearance of our skin. The drier the skin, fine lines/wrinkle appear more evident.

Loss of Firmness

When your skin starts to loose support and creates unwanted crease and folds to the skin.

Fine lines
Your skin starts to develop these fine lines on the skin surface and later on through time it can further develop into deeper, coarse wrinkles.


Premature skin aging resulting from exposure to sunlight/ UV radiation. This can lead to deeper line and wrinkles, make skin look dull and old.



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