Hydrated Skin


Miyoungs Watertox program

Using premium products to help with customers concerns such as dehydration, texture, dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads, etc
Watertox Recovery

The recovery care help to calm down irritated, sensitive skin. From cleansing, to skin caring with products that will nourish the skin, deeply hydrates the skin.
Watertox Peel

Watertox peel can help with skin that needs deep clean and those with many blackheads, impurities, rough skin texture, dead skin cells.
Easy skincare routine

A facial care that allows for customers to do it as a regular skincare routine. Peel helps to avoid impurities buildup and recovery program can keep skin healthy and hydrated.

How it works

Procedure Guide

01 Cleansing


02 Watertox (Recovery/Peel)


03 Cryo+Mask


04 Healite (optional)


Before and after