Enlarged Pores



Admiring how people have smooth flawless skin? Pores are the little holes on our skin that allows the sweat, oil produced by the

sebaceous gland to escape, helping with skin cell turnover and keeping skin clean and healthy. When pores are enlarged it also cause pimples, blackheads and whiteheads to appear.

What causes this concern?

What causes our pores became enlarged is when there is excess sebum secretion and decreased elasticity that was supporting the skin around the pore. Your daily cleansing routine may also play a role in the appearance of your pores. When you don’t cleanse well it may lead to clogged and enlarged pores. When your pores are clogged it stretches the pore and make them look bigger. 

As we age, our pores can also appear to be bigger than before. We continue to look skin elasticity and firmness, our skin loses its power and strength to hold the skin tight therefore lead to enlarged pores.


Excess Sebum
Over production of oil sebum is what leads to oily skin and increase the chance of clogged pores and blackheads. It can make the appearance of your pores looking bigger as your sebaceous enlarges. 

Clogged Pores

When sebum, dead skincells, residues of sweat, makeup, dirt etc, if cleansing routine or skin turnover not done well it can cause it to stuck in the pores and lead to clogged pores. Clogged pores not only enlarge your pores, but also lead to blackheads and acnes. 

Black / Whiteheads
As the pores are clogged, the oil, dirt, dead skincells stuck in the follicle and form a bump on the skin surface. As the opening of the follicle get in contact with air and oxidises, it turns it into black and forms blackheads which then makes our pores seems enlarged and visible.

Troubled Skin

Excess sebum, clogging of pores, blackheads, it then can leads to acne and pimples. Inflammation and irritation of skin can often make your pores look bigger as well. 



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