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Gold LDM

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3 MHz / 10MHz / 19MHz

Gold LDM Triple Wave-length that allows ultrasound energy to reach into different layers of the skin:
from epidermis to deep down the dermis layer. Treating various skin concerns.

What is Gold LDM?

Triple Ldm technology that delivers ultrasound wave from surface of the skin to deep layers. It delivers both aesthetic and dermatological needs.


Triple Gold LDM is effective in calming down skin troubles, boost up skin defence and health barrier, stimulate collagen and skin cell renewal to make your skin more radiant and healthy. Provides deep hydration and improves overall skin complexion.
Maximised and Personalised

LDM has various treatment mode for therapist to see and discuss customers concern and choose a mode thats the most suitable. This maximises treatment results and allow for a more personalised care.
Most loved facial at Miyoungs

A luxurious facial care. Suitable to pair with other treatments or post care. It helps accelerate skin recovery process after treatment such as laser, skin booster, thread lift etc.

How it works

Procedure Guide

01 Cleansing


02 Skin Scrubber


03 Blackhead+Extraction


04 Gold LDM Procedure


05 Collagen/Velvet Mask


Before and after