ARGas Cold Plasma System
Pljet kills P and acne bacteria, the causative bacteria of acne. It inhibits inflammatory gene factors to prevent acne recurrence. It also quickly regenerates acne scars.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a gas treatment and passes high frequency energy through argon gas of 99% purity. The activated gas transfers generated plasma to the tissue to thermally coagulate.

High purity AR converted into plasma High purity ARGas receives high energy from UHF
There is no heat damage, it is safe and minimises side effects and pain level. Plasma effectively reducing the bacterial within the skin
Effects to the skin

Anti-aging, skin retexturing and skin regeneration Reduces the expression of inflammation inducing genes in epidermal cells.
Effective solution for acne skin types It also has the effect of improving various skin troubles caused by inflammatory reactions.
Easy, Painfree

A quick skin solution that can be done regularly to keep skin healthy and better than before

How it works

Procedure Guide

01 Cleansing


02 Plasma Treatment


03 AfterCare


Before and after