Acne is a skin condition that could be short or long term, influenced by many internal and external factors. Face looking patchy, uneven

texture, bumpy skin, pigmentation and scarring? Time to discover the cause of acne and treat it from the root of the problem.

Typical types of acne includes: Comedonal acne, Cystic, purulent acne, acne rosacea and Hyperpigmentation acne.

What causes this concern?

The process for the cause of acnes first starts with excess secretion along with development from the sebaceous gland. During

sebum secretion it is interfered wth pores being clogged with dirt, oil, cornification and dead skin cells leading to inflammation. When

bacteria and inflammation starts to spread and harden it becomes acne.


Excess Sebum / Clogged Pore
Over production of oil and leading to clogging of pores that can can cause acne to develop. When you have sebum and a combination of other dead skincells, dirt, makeup residue, it is very easy to clog the pore especially if your cleansing routine is not done well and skincell turnover are slow. Clogged pores can also enlarge your pores and lead to blackeads and inflammation.

Closed Comedones

When this appears, it is common for this little bums to appear in groups underneath the skin. They form due to the combination of dirt, oil, and other residues trapped in the pores which clogs the follicle. However these comedones can become a whitehead or further develop into an inflamed acne if not taken care well.

Acne Scarring
After acne you may often be left with scarring or acne marks. When you are still left with reddish scarrings there may still be a possibility of acne to reform. When you pick on your acne it can become pigments that needs time to fade out and also dents in the skin that ruins skin texture and smoothness which often needs professional treatment. When acne appears is is important not to touch it.

Redness / Inflammation

Sometimes the acne may be accompanied with redness and lead to inflamed acne. This may cause your skin to experience pain and red patches and sensitivity on the skin. With this type of acne it is also important to repair the skin barrier and help the skin to sooth and calm down, focusing on reducing the inflammation under the skin.



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I have been coming to Minyoung City Clinic for 6 months for acne treatments. I used to have bad acne skin and acne scar and I’ve tried many different cosmetics and another clinics but sadly couldn’t see any difference. And one day my Korean friend recommended this Minyoung clinic. I had treatments from different staffs but each of them were very professional and high quality service. And I am so satisfied with the results too!! Highly recommended!!!


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