Melasma is a common skin condition that appears on the skin in dark, brownish pigmented patches, making our skin looking discoloured. Melasma usually occurs in symmetrical sides of the face and can easily seen on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin area. 

What causes this concern ?

When skin conditions like Melasma appears it is caused by the excessive production of cells that contributes to the colour of the skin. What can cause this reaction is when your skin is exposed to sunlight, UV rays, infrared and change in hormones. These can also effect the Melasma becoming worse and visible, harder to treat. Other factors can also be, medications, genetics, LED exposure, pregnancy, pgototoxic drugs and tanning. 


Hormonal Changes
Increase in estrogen hormone, or during pregnancy can also cause melasma. Melasma is generally more common in women due to increase of estrogen homone and progesterone which lead to triggering development of melasma lesions. 

Sun Exposure

Frequent exposure to sun and UV can lead to spots like sun spots and uneven skintone, photoaging etc It is also a big trigger of melasma, It can start off to appear as blotchy, dark, discolouration. Often form on both sides of cheeks, nose, forehead, upperlip, however it can appear on anywhere of the face and on the body where it is exposed to the sun.

Hyper pigmentation

You may start noticing patches of dark pigments in shades of brown and is developing symmetrically on both sides of the face. Melasma can vary in sizes and location. Melasma can easily be mistaken as freckles and it can also cover a large area of the skin and can become worse. 

Melanocytes / Melanin
Cells within the skin developing melanin. When these unbalanced, or over production of melanin in just certain areas of the skin it can cause the possibility of melasma to appear. 



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