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Elasticity & Firmness

The role of collagen plays an important role in our skin. Collagen and elastin prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming and it keeps our skin glowing and firm. It gives skin the strength to prevent ageing, support skin barrier and healing ability. There are many treatments that can help regenerate collagen, production of collagen to boost up elasticity that make your skin go back to the firmness like before!

What causes this concern?

Collagen, elastin, fibroblast, hyaluronic acid etc and the main essential proteins underneath our skin that plays an important role for keeping our skin firm and young. The collagen and elastin fibres become weaker and breaks down as we age, when we lose these properties the skin ages, starts to wrinkle and loses definition and the support to keep our skin firm and structured also decreases.

Other reasons that causes loss of firmness also includes UV damage, smoking, poor diet, stress, external environmental factors i.e. pollution. 


Tightness / Firmness
As we age our body naturally produces less collagen, normally it starts to slow down from mid 20s onwards. You will feel as collagen and elastin decreases, the support and flexibility for your skin also declines, causing your skin unable to bounce back in place.

Dryness / Texture

The production of essential proteins of our skin such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, fatty acid etc, slows down as our skin regeneration ability slows down can effect greatly with the texture of our skin as well. Our skin can become less dewy, less elastic due to these factors. 

Dull Skin

Dull looking, lustreless tired skin can be caused by many factors such as dryness, buildup of dead skin cells, poor diet, lifestyle and exposure to external factors. Furthermore, loss of collagen, slow cell turnover can also cause skin loosing its healthy glow.

Fine lines & Wrinkle
These are inevitable lines and creases that we have on our skin. However through time and without care they can increase and become deeper. When our skin regeneration ability slows down, collagen and elastin breakdown within our skin, it makes lines and wrinkles much easier to form.



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I have been a client to them for a year now and I am so happy with their service and the range of skin treatments they have. Sophia is so helpful in her consultation sessions and goes over your skin condition so patiently and reviews all the options for you. I have been to other clinics before but my experience with Miyoungs is nothing like others. 


I don’t think that I will change my clinic for any other in Sydney. Jessi is so expert in what she does and are Ony and Mia. To be honest everyone is wonderful and so professional in there and will give you the best experience. I am so happy with my skin results so far and it keeps improving each time. I highly recommend them.

Nesae Mouzehkesh

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