Elasticity and


your skin

Elasticity & Firmness

The role of collagen plays an important role in our skin. Collagen and elastin prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming and it keeps our skin glowing and firm. It gives skin the strength to prevent ageing, support skin barrier and healing ability. There are many treatments that can help regenerate collagen, production of collagen to boost up elasticity that make your skin go back to the firmness like before!

What causes this concern?

When we lose collagen either caused by internal or external factors, the skin ages and loses definition and contour, facial features fades and lacks in volume and structure.


Skin bumps
Skin bumps roughness or skin unevenness


Inflammation pain, itchiness, heating sensation

Redness on skin

Redness around breakout redness or red patch on specific areas especially around acne

Oily skin
Oily Skin excess secretion of sebum and oil



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