Sagging and Loose Skin

Sagging & Loose Skin 

Skin no longer appears firm and lacking hold and definition. Your skin is stretched and unable to bounce back to its shape, causing skin to look loose and drooping. Miyoungs have a range of ways to bring back the lost collagens and nutrients that can help to regain the structure for your skin.

What causes this concern ?

Our skin is supported by collagen and elastin that ensures our skin is firm and bouncy. As we age, we start to produce less collagen and our skin starts to lose its power to hold our skin, therefore appears saggy and loose. Common areas includes, eye round, jawline, cheeks, around mouth and neck area. Most common causes being: aging, UV exposure, environmental factors, poor lifestyle habits, weight loss etc.


Thin / Weak Skin
As we age, the collagen and elastin regenerates slower and we loose more through time therefore leads to thin, weakened skin that does not give enough support and structure.

Loose of Collagen / Elastin

Beneath the skin layer it made up with fibroblast cells, collagen and elastin. They are essential in supporting the plumpness and firmness of your skin. 

Weight / Volume Loss

After significant weight loss the skin may become more loose and it may appear with wrinkled or dimpled skin as a result.

Skin Laxity
When the skin become loose and saggy because theres not enough support and structure beneath the skin thats keeping the kin tightened and firm.



What our

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I highly recommend Miyoungs, All the staff  are beautiful inside and out, very knowledgeable on what they are doing,  and always with the smile on their faces-only shows that they love their job. Special mention to Claire who is  very nice and patient with all my bookings,  and always explaining me my procedures- you are awesome. Ene knowledgeable, and educating me on what I need and what i should not be doing, and for her gentle hands- you are the best!  Jay Ahn  for the patience and her skills- you are great!  Will definitely bring my friends here. Thanks

Gia i.C

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