Hyperpigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make skin look uneven. These unwanted pigments that appear on skin in different sizes, colours from light brown to dark brown or black, flat oval or round shape. The discolouration on the skin and flat spots don’t cause any discomfort, however the pigment can slowly develop darker over time if not taken care of.  unwanted spots.

What causes this concern?

The cause for hyperpigmentation can be seen from constant exposure to sun and UV light, your health or skin conditions that cause uneven production of melanin or free radical damage.


Skin bumps
Skin bumps roughness or skin unevenness


Inflammation pain, itchiness, heating sensation

Redness on skin

Redness around breakout redness or red patch on specific areas especially around acne

Oily skin
Oily Skin excess secretion of sebum and oil



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