Hyperpigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make skin look uneven. These unwanted pigments that appear on skin in different sizes, colours from light brown to dark brown or black, flat oval or round shape. The discolouration on the skin and flat spots don’t cause any discomfort, however the pigment can slowly develop darker over time if not taken care of.  unwanted spots.

What causes this concern?

The cause for hyperpigmentation can be seen from constant exposure to sun and UV light, your health or skin conditions that cause uneven production of melanin or free radical damage.


Pigments / Spots
When you start noticing dark patches or spots in one or more area, varies in sizes or browish colour, it may be hyper pigments within the skin. When the skin is overly exposed to melanin production it is easy for spots and pigmentation to develop and quite visible.

Uneven Skin tone

Melanin, is a substance that contribute to the “colour” of the skin. When your body generate excessive amount of melanin, it can causes uneven patches to the skin, making your skin tone look un even and dull.  

Skin Injury

After skin is exposed to injury or inflammation such as acne, cuts, burns etc, your skin may be left with pigments called  “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” when the injury to the skin is not well taken care of after the damage. 

Freckles / Sun damage
Sun damage is a great factor contributing to the cause of hyper pigmentation. Lentigines, spots can be developed from sun damage. Freckles is also a type of hyper pigment that can be either family genetics or formed through sun damage.



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