HIFU Treatment


What is Shurink?

Shurink is your Korean anti-aging solution that lifts and tightens the face through non-invasive ultrasound technology.

The HIFU-powered transducers giving precise short pulses that stimulates and remodels collagen. Shurink solves saggy and droopy skin, double chin , giving you the contour effect and visible jawline.

Shurink can give instant visible results(may vary from individual) and it is a non invasive, minimal downtime treatment suitable for your busy lifestyles. Many choose this before an important date of an event.
Pairing with other treatment

Shurink is also good to pair with other treatments too, such as Thermage FLX, one to tighten the saggy skin and shurink will also give that extra support to lift up the area of concern.

How it works

Procedure Guide

01 Cleansing


02 Apply Numbing Cream


03 Shurink Treatment


Aftercare Guide


Avoid applying cosmeceutical grade products (AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C, Retinol) 



Avoid sun exposure, strenuous exercise, hot yoga, swimming, extreme heat or cold (hot showers, hot baths, saunas, ice baths etc), alcohol, smoking, any peels, professional laser/ energy based treatments. 

Please apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 whenever going outdoors. 

Use a gentle cleanser with warm water for the first week after treatment. 

Mild tenderness, redness and/or swelling are common side effects after treatment. These side effects should subside within 2-3 days. 

Small blisters may appear after treatment- do not worry, and do not pick at or scratch skin. An antiseptic ointment (Bepanthen) can be applied to prevent infection. 

Book in a follow up appointment with your consultant for 2-3 months post treatment. This should be when results are most visible. 

Before and after