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5 Point Bio-Remodeller

It has high concentration of hyaluronic acid however it is not the same as filler or skinbooster, we call it as a bio-remodeller for our skin.
How it Works

Why it is not a filler? This doesn’t enlarge your facial features, but the honey like texture spreads across underneath the skin to achieve overall skin improvement. It stimulate collagen and elastin, attracts water in deep layer of the skin
No Downtime

The Injection goes to 5 point on each sides of the face or can be done on neck too. Theres is no downtime or much recovery period for the treatment, you can go back to normal lifestyle straight away.
Who is Suitable?

Those who are looking for procedure that can help rejuvenate their skin, help with tightening, firming and improve skin texture and tone. Someone who want natural, youthful look.

How it works

Procedure Guide

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02 Procedure


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