Dullness & Uneven Skintone

Dullness &

Uneven Skintone

When you skin seems dull, yellow toned and with uneven patches on skin, it may be a sign to change up your daily skincare routine or habits. 

This causes your overall complexion to seem more tired and a skin without glow. 


What causes this concern?

Are you cleaning and regularly exfoliating your face? Dead skin cells accumulates on your skin surface and with the ones clogged in your pores they make your skin tone appear rough, dull and uneven.

Environmental cause and over exposure to UV rays also stimulates pigment production causing uneven texture and skin damage due to free radicals, decrease in collagen production that cause dullness and lead to formation of wrinkles. Your daily routine and sleep patterns can also be an influence to causing this  concern.


Skin Complexion
When your overall skin complexion is not bright or revitalised anymore, it may be a sign to start looking after your skin or change up your daily routine. When your skin complexion start looking dull and tired it can also make you look older and unenergised. 

Loss of Moisture

Skin dullness is also a sign that your skin is loosing moisture, your skin is not hydrated enough to produce the supple glow for the skin. Your skin appears dry and stressed, the texture of your skin can also appear rough and create more fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pigmentation can vary in sizes and also in different areas of the face. Pigments or excessive melanin production can also cause uneven patches on the skin which lead to uneven skintone concern.    

Sun Exposure

Excessive Sun / UV exposure also dries out the skin and can also cause skin irritation. This can cause skin to appear dull during recovery time. Longterm sun exposure can also lead to uneven production of melanin causing pigment and uneven tone on the skin.



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