Sensitivity & Irritation

Sensitivity &


Some peoples skin can naturally be more sensitive than others and prone to irritation or allergic reaction. Our skin barrier plays a great role in keeping our skin healthy and strong. When we have a poor skin barrier and skin defence, it can easily cause our skin to feel sensitive and irritated. It can also make our skin appear with redness, dryness, rashes, inflammation etc.

What causes this concern?

The cause for skin sensitivity can be caused by internal and external factors. Internal factor include your own skin condition such as eczema, rosacea, allergic reaction, diet. External factors being environment pollutant, weather and also what skincare and cosmetic you use also effects your skin condition. It is important to understand what is suitable for your skin type and also change daily routine or diet, habits that could cause this concern.


Rashes / Itchiness
Skin rashes itchiness can appear either due to health conditions, diet, allergic reaction or other external factors. You may feel itchy sensation for a length of time and rashes appears as you scratch. It can also be a reaction to a type of skincare you used or also over exfoliating can also cause itchiness. 

Inflammation / Sensation

When you skin is inflamed it makes your skin more sensitive and more prone to irritation. When your skin is inflamed, it is also common to feel a heat or tingling sensation. As your skin is in a weak and sensitive state you need to be careful of what you do on your skin incase it gets further infected.

Dry Patches / Peeling
Abnormal dry patches appears and it may also starts to peel. This could be a sign of extreme dehydration, when your skin is dry it can cause skin to be sensitive and it can also cause irritation and itchiness. When your skin is peeling or have open wound, it is also important to stop with any exfoliating or actives in the skincare.

Damaged Skin Barrier

A damaged skin barrier can cause to all our skin concern and problems. Causes our skin to feel sensitive, prone to acne, skin redness etc. It is important to focus on skin repair and regeneration and creating a healthier skin barrier defence.



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