Redness & Rosacea

Redness &


A condition commonly seen, the face may appear flushing pink or red and can be persistent. Blood vessels may be visibly seen on the skin surface. When capillary is enlarged and dilated caused by heat, food, liquor, emotion, arousal etc, under repeated dilation and contraction rosacea appears because blood vessels are not recovered. 

What causes this concern?

Redness and rosacea may be more visible when related to causes like chronic inflammatory skin condition normally at the

centre of the face, redness from menopause, Hereditary cause, rapid change in environment or body temperature, severe stress or emotional changes, hormonal change, inflamed, sensitive, acne prone skin and genetics. When skin is consistently exposed to damages such as sunburnt, acne and inflammation also cause the skin appearing red but it will often disappear when recovered.


Redness (Persistent)

When the redness on the face is persistent and will not disappear is a condition that leads to rosacea. It may begin with slight redness, however overtime it can develop, your blood vessels may continue to enlarge causing more severe type of rosacea.

Pustular Rosacea

Many mistaken this condition as acne however Pustular rosacea is an inflammatory type of rosacea. your skin develops whiteheads, pus filled blemishes or red bumps and causing a patch of redness. Commonly seen on areas like forehead, nose, cheek and chin.

Sun Damage
Exposure to extreme sunlight can also cause skin damage and lead to skin redness. It can cause blood vessels to enlarge, cause reddish appearance and you may feel the skin is warm and tender to touch. Normally sun damage is painful and require recovery time.

Broken Capillary

These are the broken or enlarged blood vessles underneath and is visible to see on the surface of the skin as it enlarges, causing our face to appear pinkish and red. You can see spidery red marks, the level of redness depends how dilated your veins are.   



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