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Dryness &


Dryness of skin can lead to other skin problem such as itchiness, irritation, rough texture, scaling and cracking. it can happen on various parts of the body and face. As you skin loses or lacks moisture it not only makes your skin look dull and rough but also makes your skin looking older as well. Hydration is also a key to maintain vibrant, dewy young skin. 

What causes this concern?

Dryness of skin can cause through internal and external factors. Internal factors such as diet, not consuming enough water, sleep patterns, hormones, aging and genetics/medical conditions. For external factors it includes factors such as environmental/ extreme weather, pollutants, poor skincare routine.   


Peeling / Flakiness
When your skin does not have enough moisture or hydration it skin starts to dry out and causing skin peeling and flakiness to appear. Your skin surface becomes to shed dead skincells/ skin’s outer layer. Make your skin texture rough and will not allow makeup to apply well, creating an damage to the skin surface.   


Skin needs moisture to maintain its glow and healthiness. As you loose skin hydration it can cause skin aging and make skin appear dull and lacking energy. It makes skin look tired and unrevitalised. Often when your skin appear dull it can also look like you have uneven skintone.

Itchiness / Irritation
Dryness often accompanies by itchiness and irritation. When you scratch it it can make it even more irritated and cause skin redness. It is important to focus on skin hydration, barrier repair and also recovery.

Rough Texture

The touch of your skin will go from soft and supple to rough and bumpy. You can also see more fine lines caused by dryness of your skin. Your skin texture becomes coarse and without shine.  



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I was looking for a place where I can have assistance to understand my dry skins. I was recommended to Miyoung by one of my friend. It was very easy to book in and everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable on skin’s condition and what is needed to improve the skins health!

First time doing facial and my skins becomes very moist and less bumpy. Looking forward for my next time and improving my skins health:)

Sendura Lim

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